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Right now in Ferguson

Curfew isn’t for 2 and a half more hours

For the second limited color piece from my 400 follower giveaway, it’s Mexican Manatee’s OC Joel! I hope you don’t mind I ended up drawing from one of your drawings of him as an older dude, I really liked the tattoo.

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Michael Brown was an 18 year old that was killed by a Ferguson Police Officer on Saturday, August 9th.  His family is now seeking justice for Michael’s death.  Their pursuit for justice will be lengthy and hard but with the support of the community they will get justice.  If you are willing to support Michael’s family please donate to Michael Brown’s Memorial Fund.  These funds will assist his family with costs that they will acquire as they seek justice on Michael’s behalf.  All funds will be given to the Michael Brown family.  We appreciate your support.

This is a legitimate fundraiser confirmed by the family’s lawyer’s official twitter account and multiple news sources. This family has suffered so much, please help relieve one small worry from their life.

Errybody remember that the current horror in Ferguson is not an isolated incident and is just one dramatic example of a systemic problem. When this is over there’s still a lot to be mad about.

Taking a break from art to let everybody know that the most up to date info about the Ferguson MO situation is coming from twitter, video feeds are going down. Please repost and spread videos and information as it comes across your dashes, the situation is horrendous but it will only get worse if cops in Ferguson feel like nobody is looking.

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Here’s the first piece from my 400 follower giveaway, a Robin Hood cat for Foxsun!

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Cool reminder I have a tweeter now and I post doodles there and also complain a lot. I’m @glittertooth!

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We mourn the loss of our friend Robin Williams, who always made us laugh and smile.



i’ve finally reached the beautiful number of 4000, 4000 of you amazing human beings! i never would have imagined i’d get this far, and to celebrate i’m holding yet another giveaway. though this time it’s a bit different. i will select three winners, generated randomly and send all of them the four prints featured above. the first winner will also recieve a full painting comission in the same style as featured in the prints. 

full size prints in order1 2 3 4


  • must be following me.
  • likes and reblogs count, you may reblog multiple times but i’m not sure if multiple reblogs show in the notes?
  • you gotta have your askbox open in case you win, and answer my message within three days.
  • you have to be comfortable with giving me your adress since i’ll send physical copies to you. (i’ll ship worldwide!)
  • ENDS THE 22nd of AUGUST


i have not printed them out yet, but i will make sure to have them in the highest quality possible, all of them about the size of an A4. i’ll probably post more updates about this during the giveaway. i suspect they will be of a thicker, matted paper type and not a shiny one. i will secure the packages the best i can before sending them, but i won’t be responsible if they would somehow get damaged during the shipping. 

i’ll send them out as soon as i’ve got everyone’s adress, which shouldn’t be long after the ending of the giveaway. the first winner will also recieve a full painting comission, but that picture will only be sent through e-mail.

if you got any questions don’t hesitate to send me an ask! GOOD LUCK!